Investment Passport

Dear investors, entrepreneurs and guests! 

Local authorities are able to influence the investment climate of the territory through creation of a modern investment infrastructure and improvement of the territory image. One of the positioning tools is an investment passport of a municipal entity meant for attracting potential investors.

Investment passport is an all-purpose integrated information bulletin which has the following goals:

  • inform Russian and foreign investors about all conditions for investment activity in the territory of the municipal entity;
  • accelerate the process of private investors deciding on investment pattern connected with construction of investment objects in the territory of the municipal entity;
  • increase the level of information awareness on investment potential of the territory of the municipal entity in the present moment and in future on condition that government authorities arrange infrastructure development;
  • create conditions for efficient cooperation of local and government authorities and potential private investors.

The document developed in the frame of a pilot implementation of practice no. 2 of the List of municipal practices of the Agency of strategic initiatives on new projects promotion contains:

  • general information on the municipal entity;
  • factors of social and economic development of the municipal entity;
  • laws and regulations which control investment activity of regional and municipal significance;
  • reference to communication tools containing update information on vacant plots of land for investment activity;
  • key integrated investment projects at the realization stage;
  • contact details of the  city’s investment process operator.

In the attachment you can find the investment passport of the Municipal entity "the City of Cherepovets" in Russian and English languages.