Services rendered by the autonomous noncommercial organization "Investment agency "Cherepovets"

Investment project support

  • consulting services in the frame of "One-stop service for an investor" – the standard of investment project support in the territory of the municipal entity «The city of Cherepovets» (services are rendered free of charge for priority projects before introducing them at the Investment committee of Cherepovets Mayor’s office)
  •  project and construction stage support
  • support of concessionary agreement conclusion
  •  support of a process of temporary objects placement
  •  support of a process of placement of stops with shopping units

Legal services

  • assistance in state registration of individual entrepreneurs, LLC and noncommercial organizations, introduction of amendments to constituent documents and the Uniform State Register, reorganizations and liquidations;
  • assistance in activity licensing;
  • development of legal documents;
  • legal examination of documents;
  • assistance in judicial and actional work;
  • mediation in settlement of pre-trial disputes with contracting parties;
  • staff records management;
  • legislation monitoring.

Accounting services

  • customer support on accounting for organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
  • filling of declarations of all types (general tax system, UTII, simplified taxation system);
  • income tax refund (social and property-related tax deduction);
  • verbal consultancy, assistance in preparing replies to controlling bodies;
  • e-filing etc.

Financial planning and consulting

  • preparing investment business-plans;
  • feasibility study;
  • financial planning and forecasting;
  • consultancy on small and medium business financial support programs;
  • business plan shop

Marketing support

  • marketing and social researches
  • brief analytical report preparation
  • development of a concept and requirements specification for website development
  • presentation and video-clip preparation
  • marketing strategy preparation

You can find the price list of the autonomous noncommercial organization "Investment agency "Cherepovets" in the enclosed file.