September 14-15, 2016, Cherepovets

I International Conference "Mechanical engineering: Russian-Finnish business cooperation. Localization of manufacturing in Cherepovets"

The purpose of the conference: the creation and development of opportunities for cooperation between Russian and Finnish industrial enterprises in Cherepovets. The conference is a chance to assess the current business situation in both countries, explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to sustainable production transfer between the parties in the framework of the new mechanical engineering association in Cherepovets.


Iniziators: Mayor’s office of Cherepovets, Investment agency « Cherepovets», Urban Development Agency,  General Finland, Solidior Ltd. The event is supported PAO Severstal.



The conference will be the premier gathering for those companies working in the fields of technological applications for forest and agriculture, mobile off-road and on-road equipment, building and construction equipment, transportation means and major component production, as well as policy makers and other decision makers and individuals in the referred business segments.

 Format of the conference is a dialogue between the Russian and Finnish businesses. The speakers presentations will be discussed practical issues of cooperation and the needs of companies, planned organization of b2b-talks.

The agenda will include actual topics:

  • new ideas / suggestions on the interaction of the Russian and Finnish companies in the field of mechanical engineering;
  • the creation of new joint Russian-Finnish companies in the city of Cherepovets;
  • transfer and localization of Finnish enterprises in cooperation with the business of the city of Cherepovets;
  • development of engineering as a platform for technological cooperation of Finnish and Russian companies;
  • formation of a single market for the products in Russia and the European Union;
  • forms of cooperation and business support.

The result of the conference will be participants agreed on the development of joint projects in the framework of the new mechanical  engineering association of Russian-Finnish industrialists in Cherepovets.

Participation in the event is free, pre-registration is required.


I день. 13 апреля 2016 года (среда)


Регистрация участников. Утренний кофе. Пресс-подходы


Открытие конференции. Пленарное заседание




Сессия  I: «Инфраструктурные инвестиционные проекты города Череповца в лесопромышленном комплексе»




Торжественное награждение победителей конкурсов и участников ЛПК Вологодской области. Подписание соглашений


Рабочее совещание с участием  мэра г. Череповца Ю.А. Кузина


Ужин (по приглашениям)

II день. 14 апреля 2016 года (четверг)


Регистрация участников. Утренний кофе


Сессия II: «Инновационные технологии деревянного домостроения и деревообработки»




Обсуждение. Закрытие конференции

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