Industrial park «Cherepovets»

Stage of the project


Scope of the project


Level of investments

2 450 000 000 rubles

The project idea

Integrated development of the of the northern industrial area via the creation of a new industrial cluster which uses the advantage of locating inside of a large industrial agglomeration

Investment attractiveness

  • The ability to assemble a multifunctional "package" Infrastructure: located at the intersection of all types of transport communications;
  • Support for investors;
  • There is a tradition of loyalty of the population to work in the workplace;
  • The surviving system of vocational and higher education, training and retraining;
  • The development potential of the site to 150 hectares.
  • A single operator maintenance of the investment process.


  • attracting investments into the economy of the city in the amount of 5.1 bln. rub .;
  • the creation of high-quality engineering and transport and industrial infrastructure to 7 new businesses;
  • the creation of about 1030 new high-performance workplaces;
  • reducing social tensions in the city;
  • diversification of the economy of the city, reducing the negative effects of company towns;
  • the establishment of industries in the city related industries: enterprises-suppliers and consumers of iron and steel industry and production of fertilizers.

* The volume of investment is targeted on the basis of Vocational cost of the projects and proposals.

Additional information

Co-financing has been gained from «Company town development
fund» in the amount of 879 million rouble for construction of engineering
and transport infrastructure.

Co-financing has been gained from «Company town development fund» in the amount of 879 million rouble for construction of engineering and transport infrastructure.

Area 54 ha
Land use engineering

           The Industrial park «Cherepovets» is provided with all necessary utility lines

Industry based clusters
  •                 Woodworking: wood processing, production fibrolite slabs and wall panels;
  •        Chemistry: production of non-woven materials of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester;
  •        construction materials: cement;
  •        wall materials: the production of gypsum board;
  •        Metalworking: manufacture of electric-welded pipes of average diameter;
  •        Other: Production of sanitary products, logistics facilities and transport infrastructure
Existing residents
  •  fibrolite plant producing slabs and wall panels;
  • trade and logistics center;
  • Emulsol plant for the production;
  • Plant for the production of active mineral additives in cement.


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