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Задолженность по налогам

Задолженность по налогам

Regional news

Задолженность по имущественным налогам физических лиц по состоянию на 22.01.2018 года составляет по имущественным налогам – 325,8 млн.руб., в том числе: - налог на имущество – 73,1 млн.руб. -земельный налог – 29 млн.руб. -транспортный налог – 223,7 млн.руб. По...

Advantages of Cherepovets

  • Profitable Logistics

    The convenient geographical location, availability of transport corridors: river port, an international airport, Railway- and vehicles

  • The preferences of investors

    At the municipal level developed forms of support to investors in projects

  • Qualified Personnel

    The surviving system of vocational technology education, training and retraining

  • Traditions industrial city

    The current cultural tradition industrial city - the population loyal to the work on the production

  • Availability of production assets

    The economy of the city is represented by businesses of various sizes (from large to micro)

  • Expanding economy

    Dynamic global companies implement large-scale investment program

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